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Inspired by Nasomatto  Black Afgano  

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Extrait de Parfum
80 ML | 2.7 FL OZ

The result of a quest to arouse the effects of temporary bliss.

judging from the fragrance’s description (“smuggled” ingredients, harsh herbs, marijuana-as-incense)
I was expecting something strange and “illicit.”
Dark Afgano’s dark brown juice is syrupy and the fragrance opens with strong aromas of “dirty” cedar (added cumin) and musk.
There is also a hint of wood-scented cigarette smoke in the opening minutes of the fragrance.
Dark Afgano’s mid-phase of development comes closest to smelling like marijuana with a dry,
herbal-leafy accord (think cured tobacco) tinged with a sweet ‘sweaty’ note. As the scent dries down,
there’s a brief moment of funky-furry musk, then Dark Afgano becomes vanillic-amber-y with a touch of patchouli.

1 review for DARK AFGANO inspired by Black Afgano  

  1. Great as usual

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