Diwan Letter

diwan letter

1- Customers: The customer is the reason for our existence and give him
a unique experience that has not preceded the goal, our belief that the
customer’s opinion is correct whatever.
2- Products: It is an equation that was not easy in making each package
spread its magic and observe the specifications recommended locally and
internationally from the competent authorities at a reasonable cost.
3- Markets: We exist when we are required, it is not our policy to
penetrate any market at all.
4- Competitor: Is one of the partners of success as long as its goal is to
satisfy the client.
5- Scientific research: We are always familiar with all the latest scientific
research in chemistry, plant science and essential oils to serve our
We provide the greatest creative space for our team members.
6- Any institution that must develop and grow from this point of view we
build our profitability policy.
7- Ethical Values: We believe in freedom, openness and integrity.
8. We make products that make you proud of your peers.
9- Social Responsibility: We always contribute to supporting the
humanitarian and social aspects locally and internationally in every
society in which we are present.

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