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In the Spring of 1994, the chilhood time, Muhamad was leaving his town by car when he had the feeling that shakes his conscience pushing him to close his eyes
and breathe quietly, wondering what this magic crosses the nose and touches the
– It is the aroma of Egyptian jasmine that invades the sky for hundreds of
meters from a farm on the border of his village.
– Since that spring and so far every spring –
In 2003 Muhammad’s passion for reaching this magic and his possession
emerged, so he began to look at his father’s perfumes and was disappointed,
another search trip with cousin Hani, that young perfume lover who owns dozens
of bottles of various kinds, but a new shock is added and another disappointment
in reaching the secret of this magic.
– Again to wait for a new year until spring comes waiting for this genius that
washes the soul.
– In 2007 in the center of the country – Cairo begins a new search journey for this
magic inside the many perfume shops. And its distinctive smells, but it’s not yet.
– In 2012 he used his management skills to take a management position within
one of the largest companies importing oils and aromatic materials may reach the
secret of this genius but did not find any addition.
– With his research he found that Egypt exports a lot of precious aromatic roses
and flowers, but it needs great possibilities to turn the dough of those roses into
– By communicating with his His friend Lina, who holds a senior position in
the largest factories of raw perfume materials, and produces (private
labels) for the role of luxury perfumes, and through which he learned
about the first threads in the secrets of the perfume industry, here
appeared the clear way to reach the lost sense of this magic, and
Muhammad began his journey.
– A new obstacle stood in front of him, where does he have the tools that
make the final fragrance in the role of luxury perfumes; and it costs tens
of thousands of dollars.
– Here he appeared carrying a light lamp for the road he is Dr. Walid Husseini, an
Egyptian botanist and after a joint research and analysis of these devices and
tools reached together to make Mohammed locally tools that perform the same
functions but need experience and skill in the handicraft, which is what
mohammed is characterized by.
– Mohammed founded several brand names and several products in perfumes at
these stages made him more able to make perfumes and get closer to this magic
Now… Now… Now
He became able to reach this magic, convey it, convey this sensation, convey this
genius, convey this unique emotional influence, Diwan.
That’s to offer greatness in every bottle.
” Greatness Inside “
That’s where the story started, and he identified the message and the target, and
he chose Diwan.
– Since the Arab musical ladder consists of three books each diwan eight tones of
the actors of the musical note wed by the composer ..
– The aromatic note also needs a perfume to form and employ, music and
perfumes are two sides of the same coin and are the only ones able to deliver the
recipient of this lost and hoped magic.
(The magic of Egyptian jasmine in the fields – aromatic note – musical note – Arab
musical ladder – aromatic pyramid)

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